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  Welcome to our Linguistic Landscape website! This website is dedicated to exploring the rich and diverse world of linguistic landscapes – the visible, tangible, and audible language use that surrounds us in our everyday lives.

  The idea of linguistic landscapes is rooted in the sociolinguistic principle that language use is shaped by social and cultural factors. In the linguistic landscape, we can see how languages and scripts are used in public spaces such as streets, buildings, and signs, reflecting the linguistic and cultural diversity of a particular community.

  Our website aims to provide a platform for linguistic landscape enthusiasts, researchers, educators, and learners to share, explore, and analyze linguistic landscape data from various parts of the world, with a particular focus on Japan and other East Asian countries.

  We believe that linguistic landscape research can contribute to a better understanding of language use and diversity, promote intercultural communication, and support language education and policy-making. Our website features various resources and materials that can help language learners and teachers to engage with real-life language use in different contexts and communities.

  We hope that our website can foster a community of language enthusiasts and contribute to the development of linguistic landscape research and practice. Please join us in exploring the fascinating world of linguistic landscapes!

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