The educational website is based on the need for a centralized and accessible resource for linguistic landscape research and pedagogy. The linguistic landscape is a rapidly growing field, and there is a need for a platform where researchers, and educators can come together to share their knowledge and resources.

  Moreover, the linguistic landscape is an invaluable source of authentic language use in real-life contexts, making it a valuable tool for language learners and teachers. However, the lack of centralized resources and access to linguistic data can be a significant barrier to the effective use of linguistic landscape in language education.

  What usually happens is after conducting linguistic landscape research, the collected data is often disregarded, erased, or deleted. This results in valuable linguistic data going to waste that could have been utilized for various purposes such as future research, instructional material, and language teaching resources.

  The website serves as a pedagogical resource for language learners and teachers, providing them with access to authentic language use in a variety of real-life contexts. The website will also function as an online repository and linguistic data bank, allowing researchers to contribute and access linguistic data from various parts of the world.

  Furthermore, the website serves as a network for linguistic landscape research enthusiasts, providing a platform for collaboration and discussion on linguistic landscape research and pedagogy. The website’s open access policy ensures that it is accessible to all, allowing language learners and teachers from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the linguistic data and resources available.

  Overall, the proposed website plays a significant role in advancing linguistic landscape research and pedagogy, and in supporting language learners and teachers in their language learning and teaching practices.

linguistic landscapes